Field Lecture with DUDI in the KHDTK Pujon Area, DUDI: "Concrete understanding is needed by COE students to be aware of conditions in the field, not only theory"

Monday, August 14, 2023 07:48 WIB

                                                    (Photo with forestry students, mira DUDI and teaching lecturers at KHDTK Pujon)

             On Tuesday, July 27 2023, a field lecture was held accompanied by Mr. Marstiano Wija Dirgantara, S.Si from PT. Mazano Power Engineering. Field lectures were conducted at KHDTK Pujon, field lectures had the intention of directly introducing students to the forms and types of trees in KHDTK Pujon which can be processed into essential oils. "Several plants in KHDTK Pujon that have the potential to be used as essential oils include citronella, citronella, ginger, sandalwood and eucalyptus where essential oil-producing plants can grow at an altitude of 0-1,200 meters above sea level," said Martsiano. In addition to the introduction of tree species that can be processed into essential oils, it also explains the history of citronella brought by India and then planted in Indonesia.


                                                                                                                                       (Provision of materials by DUDI partners)

             In field lecture activities, students are invited to see directly the object to be studied, develop thinking and stimulate creativity because students witness and prove the natural phenomena that occur for themselves. Through exploring learning resources in the environment, students have indirectly approached the forest environment. Learning activities like this include ways to educate, mature, and liberate students in developing student thinking (Learning to think), adding to teaching experience (Learning by experience), creating a sense of caring (Learning to care), and a sense of responsibility towards the surrounding community (Learning to live together). Field trips are very suitable for use in courses where the discussion is environmental or the object of study is in nature.


                                                                        (Introduction to the flute instrument at KHDTK Pujon)

      After the field study at KHDTK Pujon, a survey was also conducted on the distillery located in Pujon. This flute tool is used to distill fragrant citronella. The materials used were taken from KHDTK Pujon. This distillation tool has a purpose as a tool to develop student potential and a place to conduct research. Some of the products that have been produced by the essential oil CoE class are citronella oil, soap, and aromatherapy. In practice students are required to take initiative by utilizing unused materials. The students then tried to use orange peels. They process the results of distilling orange peels into aromatherapy.

The purpose of holding field lectures at KHDTK Pujon is that there are many jobs that require workers with various skills and sometimes the courses taught in the class are not enough, so to balance the courses taught students need to go directly to the field, to see directly the use and application of information technology in the world of work and industry. Students are also expected to be able to identify directly the application of distillation tools. Students also have future views about the application of Information Technology in the world of work. In addition, it can be used as a view to find a job.