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The Forestry Deparment is committed to becomes reputable and professional in development and application of forestry science that is environmentally friendly and based on syariah. Professional courses (106 credits) consist of forestry foundations, forestry specialist, and final project. Accompanied by lecturers who are professional in their fields. Teaching staff and laboratory assistants who will accompany and serve in the academic process.In basic courses, students learn an introduction to forestry science, forest soil science, silvic and other basic subjects. Meanwhile, forestry specialist courses provide knowledge about dendrology, silviculture, soil fertility, AMDAL, fertilization, processing of wood forest products, non-timber forest products in addition to other supporting courses. Students will also learn about forest policy in the forestry sector. Students can develop interests in the fields of Forest Cultivation, SDH Conservation, SDH Management, and Forest Product Technology.


Dr. Ir. Joko Triwanto, MP., IPU

Dr. Ir. Nugroho Tri Waskitho, MP., IPU

Dr. Ir. Mochamad Chanan, Mp., IPU

Drs. Amir Syarifuddin, MP

Tatag Muttaqin, S.Hut., M.Sc., IPM

Nirmala Ayu Aryanti, S.Hut., M.Sc

Galit Gatut Prakosa, S.Hut., M.Sc

Febri Arif Cahyo Wibowo, S.Hut., M.Sc

Erni Mukti Rahayu, S.Hut., M.Ling

Ramli Ramadhan, S.Hut., M.A

Naresvara Nircela Pradipta, S.Hut., M.Sc

Citra Gilang Qur'ani, S.Hut., M.Agr., Ph.D

Administration Pearson

Moh. Zeinudin, S.E


Wiwin Wulandari, A.Md

Harti Suhaemi, S.hut

Chyntia Eka Pratiwi, S.Hut