Student Admission

The UMM forestry Department is open for student at all high school interests including Science/Social/Language  even in vocational school who pass administration and basic selection. Camaba (matriculants) can follow the university selection pathway provided by the UMM campus regular up to merit scholarship

  • Merit Scholarship for Excellent Applicants (Academic & Non-Academic Achievements)
  • Transfer Program
  • Regular Admission (High School Transcripts Screening and Academic Potential Test)
  • Upgrading Program
  • Vocational Admission
  • Twinning Program
  • Orphan Scholarship
  • Professional Admission Program
  • Kartu Indonesia Pintar (Smart Indonesia Card) Scholarship
  • Regular Post-Graduate Admission
  • PPUT/Ulama Tarjih Scholarship
  • Post-Graduate Fast-Track Admission
  • Joint-Degree Program
  • International Student Admission
  • Offline UTBK (Computer-Based Test)
  • Kampus Merdeka (Independent Campus) Program

Consultations regarding interests and academic can be summon to the website admin. Than it will be connected directly to the UMM Forestry department. Registration will be held in online at the link below:

Online registration

Online registration guide

Fellowship information