Graduate Profiles

The goal of Indonesia's forestry development is to divide forest land into management consisting of forest management with equally strong and balanced between economic and ecological functions. Conservation forest management role in ecological functions, and production forest management as an economic function. Currently, it has been established that forestry development is focused on the balanced use of forest resources esspecially in economic, ecological and social interests.

Profile of graduates of the Forestry Study Program based on the needs of market signals and other stakeholders. The curriculum is prepared by inviting curriculum experts, alumni, users and practitioners in the Forestry sector. This is important to synchronize issues and additional information that is currently developing in field. Then perceptions in departmental or faculty level curriculum meetings are narrowed. So the students can lead to graduate profiles as Forestry Managers, Forestry Entrepreneurs, Forestry Researchers, Forestry Social Activists, Government Apparatus.

Internship in BPDAS Unda Anyar, Bali